What happens to your home and contents after a fire?

Fire and smoke will leave homes in a real mess not only with the building structure, but also your contents of the home or business. At Stutters we have a specially trained contents cleaning division that will help restore your home and possessions to pre-fire condition. The process begins with an inspection of the affected items and areas, then we’ll explain the different methods of restoration needed to bring your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

We start by taking a detailed inventory of your belongings and safely pack them into one of our storage containers for processing at our warehouse. The packing process would include items such as: clothing, shoes, rugs, drapes, linens, décor items, electronics, dishes, books, and other miscellaneous items around the home. You will receive paperwork on the inventory list that was packed with every item’s condition outlined. This will help speed things up with your insurance company as they can determine coverage and/or compensation based on the list, rather than days or weeks of assessments. Your storage container will then be held in our secure facility ready for individual attention and processing.

Of course along with fire damage you are left with soot, ash residue, smoke odour, and water damage, covering various areas of your home. While your content is being processed, our team then gets to work cleaning soot, ash, and even musty air, from the inside of your home or office. We use equipment to dry out areas affected by water, then our technicians can neutralize smoke odours with air scrubbers and wipe away soot and ash residue with our unique cleaning products. Once your home has been “put back to normal” we will deliver and unpack your content, placing every clean item back where it belongs so you can get back to your life before the fire happened.

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