What To Do When A Tree Topples On Your Home During A Windstorm

Powerful Windstorms Hit The Okanagan

Every year the Okanagan sees it’s share of strong windstorms, with heavy rain and lightning strikes. November 18th, 2015, saw a major storm with heavy rains and strong winds hit the entire Okanagan Valley. The West Kelowna Yacht club had damage to their boats and marina, and residents found toppled trees and significant wind damage to their homes. Shortly before that on September 21st, 2015, Lumby residents experienced peak wind gusts of 90km/h and in Kelowna 69km/h. One of Kelowna’s heaviest storms happened in January of 2014 when residents found downed trees on roads and throughout City Park, along with personal property damage and tree damage to homes.

When a tree hits your home, be ready with a plan of action:

  •  First thing is to check and make sure that everyone is okay in the home, and evacuate the house immediately. Even though it appears the damage is done – it may not be over. Ceilings can fall from the weight of debris, electrical fires could occur and gas lines may be ruptured and become extremely dangerous.
  • Call 911 for help especially if you see power lines down. Your local fire department will be there quickly to assist and secure the area.
  • Call your insurance company and speak to one of the adjusters. Explain what has occurred, the type of damage, and find out what needs to happen next. The vast majority of tree-related cases will be covered in insurance policy ‘perils’. Perils coverage includes sudden and accidental occurrences like fire, tree damage, storm damage, and water damage.
  • Contact Stutters Restorations as soon as possible to help control the situation and get things moving and organized. Stutters will contact a reputable tree removal company and work closely with them throughout the removal cleanup process.
  • Once the tree is removed the focus will shift to waterproofing the affected area so that there is no additional damage to your property. All gaping holes will be temporarily patched, preventing any water damage. Stutters will also check to make sure there was no damage caused by the roots of the tree effecting foundation, walls, and water lines.
  • If you are unable to live in the house immediately, ensure it is not a looting target. Secure doors and windows and put valuables in temporary storage.

If you find yourself with a disaster on your hands, be sure to call the professionals at Stutters and enjoy peace-of-mind knowing you have made the best possible decision.

Upon receiving your call, an emergency technician will be dispatched to your home or property immediately to begin the remediation process. Our technicians are highly trained professionals with the experience and knowledge to combat any property disaster situation.

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