When Burning Your Food Results In A Protein Fire

ProteinFireDamagedStove3You had dinner cooking and the phone rang, then you had visitors knocking on your door and lost track of time. An hour or two later you realize your long-awaited meal is now a charred clump of chicken or roast with a pot of burnt beans – with a distinct, overwhelming rancid smell. What you have actually created is what the Restoration Industry refers to as a Protein Fire.

ProteinFireDamagedStove5Protein fires result in smoke damage from the burning of any protein enriched fibres, most commonly due to neglectful cooking. Unlike any other typical house fire where there is lots of visible smoke from fast-burning materials, the low temperature of cooking food (in comparison to the high temperature of structure fires) reduces the animal fat and protein to a fine mist. This specific type of fire does not appear to produce much smoke or cause significant visible damage to your property, but the ‘mist’ it produces will cover your entire home in an invisible, sticky, foul smelling residue. This residue can penetrate your range hood, cabinets, ducts, closets, textiles, ceiling tiles, insulation, the paint on your walls, and any other porous surface in your home.

The techniques necessary for restoring your home and belongings after a protein fire are unique and require special expertise that only professionally trained technicians are knowledgeable about. Everyday household cleaners will not remove the residue – this includes anything from floor cleaners and bleach to dish soap and laundry detergent. Every inch of your home and every piece of content that is affected needs to be treated with specialized products.

ProteinFireDamagedStove1The products we use and their application techniques need to be implemented in stages to ensure the pores and fibers throughout your home are thoroughly cleaned. This process is always spread over multiple days as it almost becomes a trial and error method in different areas of your home. One application of one product may be enough to restore a bathroom cabinet down the hall from your kitchen, but the cabinets directly above your stove may require up to four or five applications of two or three different products for more intensive odour control. It all depends on the type of food that was burnt, how long it burned for, the temperature it burned at, and the layout and type of materials in your home.


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