Who To Call for Cleaning Up a Protein Based Fire

Dinner is cooking, and you got side tracked by Netflix. Suddenly you can smell your dinner that you’ve forgotten about. When you have charred your dinner, or forgotten about those eggs you had boiling on the stove top. That distinct overwhelming rancid smell is what the Restoration Industry refers to as a Protein Fire.

Protein fires result in smoke damage from the burning of any protein enriched fibres, most commonly due to neglectful cooking. Unlike any other typical house fire, where there is lost of visible smoke from fast burning materials, the low temperature of cooking food (in comparison to the high temperature of structure fires) will create a fine sticky mist like residue. This can cover a large portion of your home dependant of if doors are open or closed, and can cause significant damage. This residue can penetrate your range hood, any porous surfaces, cabinets, ducts, closets, textiles, ceiling tiles, insulation, to behind your kitchen cabinets.

Restoration will use very specific techniques when restoring your home and belongings after a protein fire. Our technicians are professionally trained, with unique products and techniques. Using everyday household cleaners will not remove the residue. The products that we use and their application techniques are implemented in stages to ensure that everything in your home are thoroughly cleaned. This process will possibly take multiple days, but in the end, your home will be restored back to how it was. Fresh and no more rancid smell.

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