Why do Toilet Overflows Occur?

We all know that stressful moment, when you see the water rising in the toilet bowl after you flush…hoping that the toilet will fix itself and suddenly flush. It’s good to know why toilet overflows occur, and what you can do to stop this from happening.

There are multiple causes for toilets to overflow. But your first step should be turning off the water to the toilet. There should be a shut off valve behind your toilet on the wall. This will help stop more water from coming up until the problem has been fixed.

If the toilet overflow happens right after a flush, this usually indicates that there is a blockage in the toilet itself, and this can be remedied with a few plunges in the offending toilet. If that doesn’t work, stop, and call a plumber to come and fix the issue.

If your toilet is overflowing and you haven’t flushed…call a plumber, this could be a clog in your drain pipe.

For the water that has escaped your toilet, and flooded your bathroom or worse yet multiple rooms in your home or business, call Stutters Disaster Kleenup. There isn’t much that we haven’t seen when it comes to toilet overflows, and we will ensure that the clean up and drying is done in a professional manner, ensuring that your floors are sanitized, and that all surfaces affected by the water have been treated, and dried.

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